I woke up from my slumber and flipped over to my side, James wasn’t there. I fumbled out of my bed and checked the time, it was already 11am! I hobbled out of the bed and into the kitchen, wanting to grab a snack. The morning air was fresh and as I walked into the kitchen I saw a silhouette of my boyfriend. I walked closer into the kitchen. He was half naked, standing tall and with an athletic build, his muscles and abs in plain sight for all to see while preparing breakfast. I stood to admire him and unwittingly bit my lip. He noticed my presence and walked over to me and kissed me on my lips and giving my ass a slap, before slipping his hand into my panties and rubbing my clit and fingering me a little. I let out a small moan while he whispered into my ear, “breakfast is on the table.” My heart fluttered as he breathed on my neck. He carried me and sat me on the table and fed me a croissant as we stared into each other eyes. I teased him by seductively licking and eating the croissant while pushing him back and slowly spreading my legs and saying “eat me”….

He went down on me and slid my panties off in a flash to reveal my wet pussy, a result from his teasing. He held my legs open and pulled me closer to his face. His wet tongue entered my dripping wet vagina as he began to eat my pussy and lick me. He encircled my clit with his tongue as he stared deep into my eyes while I bit my lip in pleasure and threw my head back from the stimulation. He slid his finger into my pussy and started to apply pressure on my erogenous spots while eating me out making me moan as I gripped onto the sides of the wooden table with my head thrown back. I began to orgasm on the table with his constant fingering and pulled his head closer to bring his tongue deeper into me as I climaxed. I dropped onto the table after orgasming and was panting. My boyfriend didn’t seemed to care and just picked me up and kissed my neck and embraced me tightly in his arms. He removed his boxers to reveal his huge bulging cock and without any warning, shoved his entire shaft straight into my pussy. I hugged him as he started to thrust into me hard as I sat there. His dick slamming and hitting my cervix made me feel like I was floating and unconsciously I began moaning with my eyes rolled back. My mind went blank as he fucked me and kissed me, occasionally letting out a scream as he slapped my ass.

He then proceeds to carry me off the table with his strong arms and bend me over the table. He then rubbed his dick against my pussy and clit teasing me before thrusting into me once again and pulling out entirely then repeating once more. He grabs my arm and starts to pound me harder and harder I moan and squirm in his grasp as he continues to fuck me deep. My nipple rub against the table as he fucks me violently. My legs slowly start to give way due to his awesome fucking and I convulse and scream in pleasure as he thrusts into me and cause me to orgasm once again, this time harder and making me squirt all over the ground as he cums all over my back. I collapse onto the table once more and he picks me up into his arms, kisses me on my head, places my bed near his chest and carries me back to the room. He cleans me up before tucking me into bed and bends over to whisper into my ear, “I love you” before leaving. I only see his faint silhouette of his back as I close my eyes and fall asleep, exhausted from the fucking. What a morning.